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I will be starting work on my Alternate universe campaign this week (still needs a name, any suggestions?).

Originally i planned to use a modified Hecate (better weapons, improved Armor) as the main ship in the campaign.  However i would like to put out a call to ship makers...

Does anyone have a destroyer class ship that they would like to see in a campaign?  It takes place about 5 years after the Capella Nova.  This ship will be your home in my campaign, so you will probably see it often.  Please post here if you have a ship i can use, and either show a pic, or link to where i can find a pic.


Oh and i will have a website sometime next week.
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I have a campaign name suggestion. How would you like "The realms beyond" eh?

And about the capship model I suggest you to talk with Venom. :p