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Pleading for some common sense
The behaviour of Hard Light Productions administrators in continually disrespecting of the decisions of myself as Project Leader of the final version of The Babylon Project, the inteitions of my team, and supporting theft of work, has forced me into the following decision.  I hereby withdraw my work on The Babylon Project from all versions. Past, present, future, team developed, fan developed. This is a complete withdrawl of permission. As such I expect downloads to be deleted from Hard Light Productions and other sites.

I am not interested in debating or reconsidering this decision. I have heard enough.

What the hell IP? You dont want a patch made, fine, I may grumble about it but still respect your decision. But this? Why on earth do you want to piss on the hard work done by you, me and everyone else who has ever contributed countless hours of work on this project? And screw over all the fans in the process? Seriously man, consider for a moment what you are doing. This is a far cry from anything any of the team members, current or otherwise, ever wanted.

As a disclaimer, I still respect the amount of work you've put into TBP and your right as an author of the said work to deny it's usage. But in excercising that right in this manner villifies you in most everyone's eyes and I plead you to use your common sense and not to do it.
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Re: Pleading for some common sense
I was part of the team as well. I didn't do very much, just  few effects and textures, still I'm proud of my work and I really liked working on TBP stuff.

IPAndrews, you claim to be doing what the team wishes you to do. You're talking about "respecting the team's decision", yet you threaten to trow my work for this project into a thrash can.

Maybe I should be glad I didn't put as much time and work into TBP as many other members did, but I am not.
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Re: Pleading for some common sense
I can asure all TBP players:

TBP is not 100% owned by IP. And, after doing some research, we came to the conclusion that (even if it would be) if you release this work to the public, you can't reclaim it. You can deny use in projects not related to this one. But you can't demand the project itself to be removed.
Especially if you transfered project leadership to other people (which transfers the right to put the assets of the project to use too).
We have that post.

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Re: Pleading for some common sense
Yeah.  I don't get why IPAndrews won't let us create a fan-made patch to update The Babylon Project for 3.6.10.  IPAndrews does not own every single asset in The Babylon Project.  Therefore, he shouldn't have the right to control it.  There was more than just IPAndrews working on TBP.  People like Vidmaster, FUBAR, DaBrain, and Lt. Cannonfodder all contributed what they did to TBP.  They were on the TBP team too, and they see the point for creating this patch.  IPAndrews, on the other hand claims that TBP is FINAL and should be left untouched, and by stopping us from creating this patch, he is fulfilling the wishes of the team members of The Babylon Project.

Have the team members of The Babylon Project changed their decision about TBP 3.4 being final? Now that SCP has pointed out the bugs in TBP to the team members, I'd say 95% of them have.
Should this great mod, whose team members have put so much hard work, effort, and dedication into it, be thrown away to rot away in the sands of time? Should this great mod be updated for the latest version of SCP and live on with a reputation as the most influential FS2_Open mod ever created? Should we fix all the errors that pop up when TBP is run in the Debug build, so that strange non-reproducible bugs stop appearing in the SCP Mantis all the time? We should update this mod for the sake of the team members, for the sake of the fans, and for the sake of the Freespace Source Code Project.
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Re: Pleading for some common sense
And, after doing some research, we came to the conclusion that (even if it would be) if you release this work to the public, you can't reclaim it. You can deny use in projects not related to this one. But you can't demand the project itself to be removed.
I actually disagree with that. It's within an artist's rights to deny anyone the usage of his work if he so chooses, unless there's a written or oral agreement where he gives away that right. Thus I fully believe IP can do this to TBP; I just hope that he wont.


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Re: Pleading for some common sense
I would hope that IP would have the common sense to realise that this action would not harm the administration of this forum but would harm this community as a whole. I'm sure that IP had friends here and he wouldn't want to harm the relationships he has built here as well as harm the fans of his work. Surely he knows that his work is appreciated by more than just a few admin!

This community is what is most important and he wouldn't make any friends in the modding community with actions like this. TBP is such a fantastic achievement for a modding community, a total conversion with a full released ship set and numerous campaigns is far more than most mods in this community can claim! Please IP  I implore you not to take a hasty decsion like this in detriment to this mod!
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Re: Pleading for some common sense
It is possible to deny people here from working with it, and that would be effective. Yet at the same time it will be an incentive for people who don't even care to start messing with it.


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Re: Pleading for some common sense
I - tho never played the mod and only received info from another topic - seriously questioned.
Come on!

1) IPAndrews is only 1 member of the stuff staff.
2) It seems to be silly that someone doesn't ALLOW a goddamn patch for a mod. Imagine if  :v: would've done the same: the whole HLP wouldn't exist at all! No mods, no SCP!
3) It IS impossible to delete the mod from existence, no matter how you try.
4) The situation from my point of view: There is a mod (okay, TC, unimportant) what is full of bugs. The devs don't want to improve it anymore. Fine. But, come on, the community wants to upgrade the TC and they don't allow it! Why? Because it's their work? In this case... well, it's most unfair. In this case, it wasn't made for the community, but for themselves... and, in this case, I can't agree with them in anything.
I don't know much about that "OMG-upgrade-or-no-support stuff, but, regarding the way IPA. handles this, I find the whole thing as disgusting as possible from his part.

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Re: Pleading for some common sense
IPAndrews is on extremely thin ice right now, having insulted the SCP, the HLP administration, third party mediators, his own team, and his successor project leaders, and having attempted to sabotage TBP distribution.

I'm going to close this in order to prevent tempers from rising out of control.  But rest assured that there are, and have been, many discussions going on behind the scenes among the admins and between SCP and TBP.  We're about ready to make a public disclosure, so stay tuned.