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Hey Diaspora!

I have a quick question. I'm casual FS user who enjoys building maps for my own personal use. Now I was a huge fan of Beyond the Red Line (and now a fan of yours). When I played the demo, I particularly LOVED the massive asteroids that dwarfed even capital ships. Now my simple question is, for my own personal use, is there any way to extract the model file for those massive asteroids and use them in standard Freespace missions? Obviously I use the SCP version of the game.


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You can extract the .pofs and maps from the .vp files; however they look kind of funky if not arranged exactly as they were in the Scar mission. If I recall correctly, the lighting and everything is baked into the textures. Of course that's only for the three HUGE ones.


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Yep. You'll also need to place your star in the correct position for much the same reason.
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