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Mission (don't know where it will go yet) of a campaign I'm working on
The mission is part of a campaign I thought of where it's during the FS2 time period / 2nd Great War where the Shivans are on the brink of annilating everyone and everything, much like they did to the Ancients. Campaign is FS2:Turning Point. The capture of a major Shivan vessel, which succeeds (unlike before with the Taranis), is the turning point. Obviously I hope to make this campaign that, and much more.

I'm posting this because I'd like feedback on how I did with it (so as to make the other missions good) but also to put the info out that I'm doing this and if anyone would like to help (not saying anyone has to) they can.

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Re: Mission (don't know where it will go yet) of a campaign I'm working on
1. FREDing:
a) The objective to scan the three subsystems is missing.
b) The cain class cruisers aren't beam fred.
c) Later bombers don't seem to carry any bombs, or they don't fire them (only piranha)
d) Escort list - why aren't the transports on the escort list, why neither of the two cains?
Well, the transports aren't attacked, but the player doesn't know this before and the safety of those transports is certainly mission critical.
2. Gameplay:
a) Difficulty: Ok on medium and insane. Died on insane near the end because I wasn't careful and flew near the second cain, but should be doable quite easy. If you fix some problems this probably will no longer be possible.
b) Timing: It takes three minutes after scanning the subsystems until the fighting starts... that's a lot. Imho to much by far. You have to play through 5 minutes of the mission only to START the interesting part - each time you die as well!
c) Give the player some orders while the transports dock, if only to escort them. Just sitting there waiting was a little boring.
d) Give the player more information what's happening - command needs to alert the players if bombers jump in, at least for the first time.
I didn't get the information about taurus wing because they neither appear as an objective (too many objectives already) nor is anyone talking about them..
e) The number of enemies is just insane... I alone had, after playing it for the first time, twice as many enemy kills than my whole allied forces had ships who could fight - and that's including four bombers. If they would behave slightly intelligent, you wouldn't stand a chance. But every fighter is just firing at the destroyer until attacked (at least on insane), so they can be ignored most of the time.
Reduce the number drastically, but let them behave better (fighter wings guarding bombers or attacking enemy wings)

Re: Mission (don't know where it will go yet) of a campaign I'm working on
3.) Briefings:
You always get the same briefing, doesn't matter if you
b) go AWOL
b) fail in protecting the ship
c) succeed

And just to add: You get no explicit RTB order in the objectives, and you get no orders at all anymore if the ravana gets destroyed.

Re: Mission (don't know where it will go yet) of a campaign I'm working on
Thanks, I've fixed everything now except difficulty stuff. Not sure what I can do about that. I'll adjust the AI ship orders around.

I've never gone above medium (come on, hard / insane ai is too good lol) so I configure missions to such settings (more enemies than allies). But as with all user-made missions it's hard to get it to the point where it's just right on all settings.
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