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Re: Rules and Guidelines discussion thread
Except that's sort of the point of a dedicated forum for discussing public mods.  If multiple mods are in conflict, there should be a community-agreed procedure to merge them, or to pick one over the other.

(Please note, this is only for mods that are in direct conflict, such as one Nova with glowpoints but bad path data, and another with good path data but no glowpoints.  If, for example, one person makes a 50-turret Nova and another makes a 100-turret Nova, I agree that those should be separate.)

The public development forum does not need to be (and shouldn't be) an authoritarian gateway for mods, but it should foster a modicum of responsibility and discipline.  Otherwise you end up with a free-for-all.
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Re: Rules and Guidelines discussion thread
this is exactly how the mediaVPs started, a whole bunch of different people started makeing upgraded models, someone had the bright idea to merge the different sets into a single package.

if person A had NovaX and person B has NovaY, then unless the two mods are merged they won't see each other no matter what the models are named, as long as the mod is installed properly (and not overriding the main install files WITHOUT having the mod invoked) there will be no conflict. if you want to make a mod derived from someone else's mod you either make it a sub-mod (of a sub-mod of a mod) or you just grab the parts you want  and make your mod stand alone.

keep in mind we are talking in the realm of mods of TBP which it's self is a mod, so this sort of complicates the language.

just keep in mind if someone releases a stand alone model, it should be considered an incomplete (WIP, partial) mod, simply by virtue of the fact that it isn't packaged in a mod package. it should be stated that incomplete mods need to be removed before any support can be given.
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