Author Topic: 2008-06-18 - On Being A Department Lead  (Read 2250 times)

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2008-06-18 - On Being A Department Lead
June 18th 2008 - Being an art developement lead really sucks

Well, it's now a bit over a week after the new team's first "official" developement meeting. I'm glad to say we managed to agree and decide upon a lot of things, such as the basic plotline for the first release (thanks to all who contributed their ideas!) and some organizational matters within the team. After a short vote, karajorma was picked as the overall leader of the project and I was elected as the art department lead. My inital reaction was that of both "Ohf ****" and "I'm so screwed".

So now I'm in charge of the following merry band of rowdy art people, in no particular order: DaBrain, Wildcard, Meleardil, Mr. R, Turambar and myself. If I forgot anyone, the said person(s) can come and beat me with pointy sticks.

Luckily, the responsibilities of a department lead are not that bad. My job is simply to try and keep everyone working on something, give feedback and answer questions whenever I can. So far we've had no real problems, things have started rolling at good pace and for that I have our team to thank. I just hope we can keep going forward with the same momentum in the coming months.

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