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2008-10-19 - Flyable Ships
October 19th 2008 - Flyable Ships

A quick update. Some may have seen this image before, but for those who haven't, these are the ships you'll get to fly in Release 1:

For the colonials, there are the mandatory Mk-II and Mk-VII Vipers, the Blackbird, and two variants of the Raptor (one carries extra weapon pods as seen in some episodes), all of which are seen at some during the series. In addition, there's a smaller Viper-like training craft which we're currently calling the Adder (subject to change), and one more ship which we're not quite ready to reveal yet (Revealed now since General Battuta was spot on about what it was and what role it had - Karajorma).

For the Cylon side, there will be two variants of the Raider (based on the pre and post-Razor raiders, respectively), and of course the Heavy Raider. All in all, between the two sides there is a lot of fun to be had :D

Speaking of fun, we've been busy making more multiplayer missions lately - we've got over 15 now, most in working order, some in need of a few tweaks still. And there will be more by the time we release... having a solid multiplayer aspect of our first release is a very high priority. We have also recently started on the singleplayer campaign for the first release, and work on that is ongoing.

And that about wraps it up for now. But stay tuned...
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