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2008-11-11 - Multiplayer testing
November 11th 2008 - Multiplayer testing

Two days ago we had our first real test run of our current stock of multiplayer missions. Well, some of them anyway. Up until then, the testing had basically been comprised of the mission designers playing their own missions alone and guessing at how the balance would be with more people around - While not optimal, it was our only option until recently as the game, with all the placeholder models and what have you, was not stable enough for several people to get a proper game running for any length of time. Over the weekend, this changed.

And so it was time to play. Three of us*, Karajorma, Ace and myself, headed to the lobby (for those of you who haven't yet sampled the wonders of FS_open version 3.6.10, yes, there's a lobby where you can hang out and chat between games), and after a bit of troubleshooting to get everything set up right, we promptly started shooting each other to bits. There was one recently introduced bug that caused a few random crashes, and Ace had some stability problems of his own, but overall the game is now in a state where it is very much playable online.

Besides having some fun, we did also get some useful balance information out of the session. For example, missiles turned out to be way too powerful compared to where we want them to be (something like 80% of kills were made with missiles, and this is not at all like the show). Such things will of course be fixed, and the final product should deliver dogfights very much in line with what you see in the show.

Sadly I forgot to take any screenshots during our session, but I'll try to remember next time.

* Would have been more, except 2/3 of the team are currently addicted to Fallout 3. Karajorma is presently engaged in a lawsuit against Bethesda to get them to pay for rehabilitation.
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