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The BSG crew at the UN
Yesterday, Eddie Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Ron Moore and others were part of a UN Event, discussing elements of BSG and the relationship between BSG and real-world politics and events.
SciFi's press release here, video stream of the event (~2 Hours) here. You'll need realPlayer or something better, like vlc, to watch it, though.
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Re: The BSG crew at the UN
Sounds interesting :)

Reading now, it's too late up here for me to start watching something. I've got to sleep s00nz0r


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Re: The BSG crew at the UN
Watched part of it, and read up on some of the dialogue. Looked like it was a really interesting evening!

Somehow, it didn't feel strange at all to see The Old Man shouting 'SO SAY WE ALL!!' out over the auditorium. Perfect moment.