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Well, strange you ask now cause for the last two days we've been moving a little in the internal forums.
Unfortunately it's not for the better I must say.

We have decided to drop this campaign for a bunch of reasons, I don't believe you want to be bored about that... it's mostly the same that happens to all campaigns around here every now and then.

We're currently gathering all wips to make a final release with everything we've got in it, as a goodbye present.

Sorry to bring you only bad news Vrets.

Expect a release of AG's WIP stuff in a few days.
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Unless BlueLion magically reappears tomorrow and tells us all not to, that is.


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the curse of the ambitious project strikes again. i have the sinking feeling the new year is going off to a bad start. :(
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Hmm! Pity.

Is there another way to contact him besides the boards?


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I'm afraid there's no other way to contact him right now, we don't have his personal email.
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