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Hello folks!

Wing Commander Saga is a fan project based on the popular video game series, Wing Commander. Wing Commander Saga is set during the Wing Commander 3 timeline, during the final months of the epic conflict between the Terran Confederation and the Kilrathi Empire, and features a new story and new characters while staying as faithful as possible to established Wing Commander canon.

Our prologue campaign received wide recognition online and in gaming magazines. Feel free to try the prologue at: Wing Commander Saga - Release

We are now hard at work on the full campaign, which features dozens of missions in a branching campaign. We are seeking skilled writers (for script review), 2D  / 3D artists, composers and animators who can help us accelerate our production speed and get the game finally done. ;)

To get an idea of the current in-game visuals, I am including a few recent screenshots. You can also visit our gallery at: Wing Commander Saga - Gallery - Category: Screenshots

Joining Wing Commander Saga will provide you with an excellent opportunity to enhance your resume by getting your work out to a very large audience. You will also get to work with a team of other artists, programmers, and actors, so you won't be pulling the weight of the project by yourself.

If you are interested in becoming part of the project, then feel free to send me a PM or post here - it is up to you.


current core team: 10
current status: gameplay complete
language: English (German version is in production)

Open Positions

- 2D artist
- 3D artist
- CGI animator
- composer
- script writer / editor

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