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It's been suggested by VA you guys might be able to finish and use this;


So, umm, do you?  It's obviously unfinished of course, plus there's a few things that'd naturally need touching up (looks better in zoomed out renders etc etc).


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(the model is sweet too)

Do want! :-), but of course I'm not a developer ;-)


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I'll leave it up to Cannonfodder and the rest of the art dept. to decide. :)
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ciao aldo!
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excellent ship design! 
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awesome ship design. just checking but it looks like a combat ship but it doesn't have any turrets. combat ship or support ship?


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I think it's supposed to be destroyer, but it's not finished yet.
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I would like to possibly get a copy of this, i just wanna mess around with it. i'm new to modelling and 3d stuff, and just wanna see how you do stuff..

is there any chance of getting it?

you won't have to worry about me selling it or trying to do copyright.


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Two words.

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