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Age of Aquarious & War in Heaven
So, reading the preview of War in Heaven here on the main page and watching some of its videos on youtube... I get to ponderin'! War in Heaven, from my understanding of the preview, is a "gritty war story" as opposed to Age of Aquarius' brilliant yet more... unorthodox story of
inter dimensional travel
. And I read that the main characters from AoA won't be seen too much in WiH.

So I'm just wondering if the two storylines will relate to one another outside of the obvious (the obvious being AoA's ending)? Will events that happened in AoA affect the proceedings in WiH? Will we be seeing the Sanctuary and all those thousands of people inside? Or *gasp* the

Naturally I'm not looking for DETAILS and I know they won't be provided. I'm just curious to know more about how AoA will tie into WiH.  :pimp:


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Re: Age of Aquarious & War in Heaven
I can't really divulge a lot here, Battuta will likely be more help.


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Re: Age of Aquarious & War in Heaven


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Re: Age of Aquarious & War in Heaven
The similarities between the two chapters are more thematic, rather than narrative. :D