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Re: Cylons, T-800's, Robocop, ;)
I suppose the debate is already ridiculous so why not?
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Re: Cylons, T-800's, Robocop, ;)
A centurion was blown in two by c4 in the first episode was it not? (in the woods, chasing after Helo)

Anyhow, im sure a transformer could kick them all around anyhow ;)

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Re: Cylons, T-800's, Robocop, ;)
That's what I said! Unicron! :D

Hmm... but what else can we throw into the pot?

The only other one I can think of is Johnny-5 :(

Unless we can throw in the Mark2 Robocop... (The drug-addict one :P)

Oh, there was that crazy choppy choppy robot from Deathmachine (Bad baaad film. Go watch it.)

Oh, and Maximillian from Black Hole! How could I forget him!

He'd totally win.
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Re: Cylons, T-800's, Robocop, ;)
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