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I've no idea if this is an error or deliberate, but it still jarred me:

well it is a botanical cruiser so its full of plants and such. imagine each one of those domes on it has full grown trees in it. gotta be large to create a realistic habitat for a big plant ecosystem.


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A new one I spotted today, one of the top screens on the centre dradis console on the galactica has a windows XP login screen on it during the battle for new caprica.

No wonder the Cylons were able to hack Colonial computers so easily. :P
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Going back to original topic...

I'm currently working on recreating detailed Kodiak model for C&C 3 mod so in case you decide to put it into the game I might be able to help.


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How detailed? Feel free to post some pictures.
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It's still a work in progress and has no texture yet. But once finished it'll probably have the best level of detail you can get from all the in-game movies , promotional pictures, concept art and other official stuff (and I've collected a lot of it before even starting to work on the model). I'll post it here as soon as its done.

I've been looking for the original model for some time but it seems that its nowhere to be found :(
So I decided to make my own model ...
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Heh always liked the GDI equipment from Tiberian Sun.  Looked like it was all built by Caterpillar, especially the Titans and Wolverines.
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I am currently having a crack at a wolverine, but I'm still veryyyyyyyyy amateur in the modeling department, :P
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This might help! :)

Unfortunatelly the only render on this site where Kodiak appears is this one :

And it seems that the model is not even finished there (some parts lack texture).

EDIT: Actually it is finished. Looks exactly the same on ingame video. My mistake...

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It's pretty rare to get a hold of C&C modlers (for outside use) so please post it when you're done even if it's not convertable, for render useage possibly. :)
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