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Re: multiplayer restoration project?
they are in the multimission.vp and also they are in the mvps assets/data/missions

hope that helps

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Re: multiplayer restoration project?
they are in the multimission.vp and also they are in the mvps assets/data/missions

hope that helps

Thanks. I may be able to help in the future, but I'm recovering from a bad case of the flu :ick: and am busy with several other projects plus RL. If I manage the time though, then I'll let you know. :)
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Re: multiplayer restoration project?
I'll do whatever I can to help this one!
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Re: multiplayer restoration project?
Hmmmmm. I strongly advise testing with 3.6.11 as well as 3.6.10. Remember that SEXPs have been fixed to work in multiplayer in 3.6.11 which may result in differences from the same mission in 3.6.10.
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Re: multiplayer restoration project?
So how much of the multiplayer is broken and what works?  Is it just the coop missions?


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Re: multiplayer restoration project?
There's not much "Broken", it's just that some of the missions are little fun, have annoying bugs and have skewed difficulty, among other things.
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Re: multiplayer restoration project?
Right. So, we now have a team of people working on finding and correcting the issues we have been seeing with the multiplayer missions. If you find any, please post about them here so that we can take a look at them. This includes things like events not firing, or outright crashes. When reporting these errors, please tell us what mission you were playing (obviously) and whether or not you were using a standalone server at the time. Thank you all.
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Re: multiplayer restoration project?
Important things to help with diagnosis;

Time in mission.
Events before crash (read; did anything unusual happen?)
Your Multi.log is useful too (it's in freespace\data).
This will help us track down if it's a multi/mission problem that caused your crash.

The more detail you can provide the better chances we have of finding it.
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