Author Topic: ICSBEAR looks for StarSiege  (Read 633 times)

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ICSBEAR looks for StarSiege
This is ICSBEAR, some old fellow starsiege legends may remmember this username and I joined this forum sight to find out what ever happened to starsiege. I have been playing starsiege like when I was 5 lol. I really miss starsiege it's kind of a bummer to hear about starsiege 2845. Atm im trying to find any active players today i have managed to build a older machine to run starsiege, trust me wasn't easy. Im having troubles trying to trouble shoot the patches i can't seem to find any sights still containing starsiege patches. All the starsiege sights like and don't seem to have the patches. Just email me at [email protected] if you seem to find the long lost patches and let me know if starsiege is active today. It stricly is the greatest game ever for its age the graphics and cut seens are just amazing.


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Re: ICSBEAR looks for StarSiege
Don't necro old threads.
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Re: ICSBEAR looks for StarSiege
It stricly is the greatest game ever for its age the graphics and cut seens are just amazing.

best be trolling


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Re: ICSBEAR looks for StarSiege
Looks almost like a bot to me...
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Re: ICSBEAR looks for StarSiege
Especially considering the link to Starseige,com has been dead for quite a while and has a placeholder site there now which references what looks suspiciously like warez.

Since that's in violation of the Forum Guidelines, I'm locking this thread for the time being.