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Nightly (Windows): 04 Oct 2009 - Based on Revision 5616
Here is the nightly for Windows on 04 Oct 2009 - Revision 5616

MD5Sum: 209F09238BFCD1BB4A9FB606455BD878

And, as usual for me these days, SSE Builds!
Please be sure to spend some time Testing the SSE builds if you can.
Post on them HERE: Regarding SSE Builds

MD5Sum: E9357647EDC8EEA9292FF853215323D5

MD5Sum: 84553E25A3E7D5928CB2F442BD6EA734

The voices in your head tell you to GET THESE, Inferno builds! (now with SSE/SSE2!)
Spend even more time testing these than any other. Srsly.

MD5Sum: 0FD9AA71FCE37A90F0EE611243B21A2D

MD5Sum: F2BC24CA7BD070A7AE6207CCEDFEA431

MD5Sum: DC437D19D0907825F908EE4B7C09B21C

All packages also include the PDB files necessary for Debugging and posting errors.
This now includes Release versions of FRED in all flavors.

Code: [Select]
r5616 | karajorma | 2009-09-30 23:45:02 -0800 (Wen, 30 Sep 2009) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/fs2_open/code/ai/aicode.cpp

Fix for Mantis 1996 (Missing support ship builtin messages)

Additionally, the following fixes are employed in this Release:

EFF Fixes from Flaming_Sword:
1. Multiplayer countdown animation for clients

2. Unloaded animations not releasing their image slots

3. Mission weapon select screen (Mantis 2002)

Resolution 720p Fix from The_E

PNG Support builds coming soon to Test Builds.
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