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Bullying on FSO MULTI
Dear Quantumdelta and Everyone Else...

Im a fun sorta guy - that's my personalilty. That doesnt mean u start kicking me?? And everytime I play to abuse me? and Belittle me? Again and Again? And on HLP? I mean im a real person - Philip, 29, England - and play this game for fun. I host games without fail every Sat and Wed night. Multi had died by Jan this year and I helped restart it by being there EVERY time and gathering people. I have been playing for 3 years now. I am quite a good pilot as well.

Ur attitude? Like im some sorta ****? Im hurt and upset. Bet ur laughing out now, but Im hurt n upset.

Have a heart,

Philip aka Flint

MODS: surely this cannot be allowed to happen?? I am about to quit from this game and site altogether...

Jedimasterseth a.k.a FLINT


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Re: Bullying on FSO MULTI
Flint, please. One, you have been told, repeatedly, that your behaviour in the chat room is disrupting and annoying. You were kicked after being told, at least twice, to can it. And may I remind you that, while you are usually the one who is loudest about said events on #hard-light, you don't ACTUALLY HOST them? AFAICT, that's a task taken up by QD right now. Other people who did this were andicirk, or me.
Seriously, from my POV, while being enthusiastic about something is certainly good, you need to learn some goddamn restraint. Remember the almost-banning you got on #hard-light for your idiotic spamming involving a certain unnamed penguin? Why, for heaven's sake, are you incapable of listening? When the mahjority of people in a given situation is telling you to stop something because we are finding it annoying, don't you believe that we may actually have a point? Multiplayer, and the people who play it, do not exist for your amusement. We are all going there to have a good time, and your behaviour actively disrupts it.
Going on #hard-light after the fact, and asking for some people to get banned for perceived slights, is the most fun-killing behaviour I have seen in a while.
It would have been nice and decent of you if you would actually tell people what you did that caused the kicking, instead of making this post.
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Re: Bullying on FSO MULTI
This topic makes me a sad...

I don't think anyone wanted to upset you. IRC is a very bad medium for conveying non-verbal communication and it is thus exceedingly good at making small things blow totally out of proportion when the interaction between people does not work as it would in a face-to-face or even phone conversation.

I wasn't quite consciously present when the incident happened, but looking at the logs I hope I can offer an impartial view on it (or at least partially impartial). The way I see it, you were attempting to gather people for multiplayer game, which I can totally agree with. However it became constant advertising to same people that were obviously doing something else than playing multiplayer, and like any forced advertising I can understand people getting pissed off, and when repetitive behaviour annoys people it is pretty much equal to spamming no matter what the original motives were.

It's ok to try and keep participation on multiplayer up by inviting people, but it doesn't make much sense to start badgering people to join the game when they didn't join the game minute ago, and as far as I can see you were sort of posting several messages a minute among other conversation just doing that. It's the same as if telemarketer would be calling to you between every other sentence in a conversation. And you could not turn the phone off.

Please don't quit and leave, at least not when you're angry and upset, but I suspect mods of HLP don't especially want to deal with what happens on #hard-light channel, and besides The E has a point that you were requested to stop spamming about the multiplayer. You weren't requested to stop talking about it altogether. Asking if anyone's willing to play with 15-20 minute intervals or when someone joins the room would probably not disturb anyone on the channel.

Also, personally I don't mind about joking around as long as there's a sense of when to stop.
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Re: Bullying on FSO MULTI
You also need to realize that once you are in a game unless you are the host you are basically subject to the rules of the person who is.  It's like going to someones house, pissing off the owner, and being shown the door. 
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Re: Bullying on FSO MULTI
Honestly, we were trying to help out a new pilot at the time and you were being nothing but a distraction(putting it politely), you were constantly spamming (jibberish) during all of the games you were present, you were demanding your own way the entire time - didn't matter what anyone else wanted so long as you were louder.

My time in multi is spent in one of two ways;
Testing missions for analysis.
Relaxing/chilling out/earning some medals/practising some of my rusted skills back into shape.

If I'm doing the former I don't want you jumping up and down being a disruption, and have asked you not to be (you ignore this).
If I'm doing the latter I would appreciate not having to babysit.

You're supposedly older than I am, I would be more than happy to have you in my games if you acted like it, but as you were described by someone else tonight; "Monkey on Speed." - It's not really something I wanna fly with.

It's not bullying to ask you to be a bit more socially engaged and a bit less worst-case-ADHD-early-teens-I've-ever-met.
Especially when you're treating /my/ host like you own it and spewing all this rubbish about how you championed the games, when it's my bandwidth we're using.

Now like I said, I don't have a problem with you being in my games, but seriously, calm the hell down, this is the third time in a row you've been acting like a complete jack in the box on steroids in my games, you're quickly going to find yourself unwelcome if you keep it up.
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Re: Bullying on FSO MULTI
Man some of really need to chill out. I never had this for 3 years. Now u come along QD. The internet is not an excuse for abusing, etc. Live with yourself. Myabe I have dyslexia? Ever thought of that. I am a real person

God help u all
Jedimasterseth a.k.a FLINT