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Well, the way I see it, each mod branches off into it's own storyline, and I for one wouldn't take fanwankery as cannon anytime soon, unless it was real damn good fanwankery.
I would consider some campaigns marginally better than :V:
Yeah, but it still doesn't make it canon. From a completely unbiased perspective BP: AoA wasn't bad at all, but there's usually a few key factors in most fanmods make it easy to differentiate. Though Derelict does portray what :v:'s GTVA would've done quite well I'd admit.
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Yes, why thank you captain obvious. We already agreed on that. But thanks for pointing that out Again.

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* Aardwolf chuckles at this idea, then walks away slowly.


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Seriously, this thread deserves much better than it's getting right now.  Yes, people, we're all perfectly aware that :v:'s campaigns represent the one true FreeSpace canon, and no one's debating that, but that's not what this thread is about.  If all you're going to do is come in here and repeat, "Only :v: is canon," maybe you'd be better off posting elsewhere.

That aside, I've found myself doing pretty much the same thing with the FS storyline, primarly for the campaigns that I count among my favorites.  I really love the whole backstory that TVWP has come up with for a period of the FS storyline that really isn't covered much at all in canon material, and I'd gladly take it as my "official" interpretation.  ST:R is pretty much the only campaign with which I'd be completely fine overwriting :v:'s own material; the way I see it myself, it is Silent Threat, and that other old campaign is best forgotten.  There are a few other campaigns that I keep in some sort of loose "they really happened" category, though I don't think that many of them mesh all that well timeline-wise with each other.  I don't think that Cardinal Spear, Shrouding the Light, and Destiny of Peace play very nice with each other, but I love their portrayal of the Reconstruction period; likewise, Derelict, Warzone, and the Procyon Insurgency all present great options for events occurring relatively soon after Capella.  I know that none of these campaigns can ever be "official," but I feel like their collective atmosphere is close enough to what :v: gave us that I'm able to count them as members of my own nebulous concept of the FS universe.


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Well, on a personal note and on top of everything :v: makes, I tend to see The Procyon Insurgency, Warzone, Derelict and Blue Planet as being pretty close to what post-Capella canon might be.

If Blue Planet didn't exist, Inferno would replace it. :nervous:
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The Phoenix Holonet's "How to Speak Vasudan" is now my definitive source for any Vasudanised phonetics :)


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I don't want to encorporate any other campaigns into continuity with mine, only general ideas about expanding the background.
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The Phoenix Holonet's "How to Speak Vasudan" is now my definitive source for any Vasudanised phonetics :)
Yeah. A lot of the ST:R and Phoenix stuff is amazing, it's like a little window into the FreeSpace universe.