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Re: Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising
I think its the Black legion, in the screens and previews i have read and seen it is the black legion, theres no mistaking the black and gold trim on the marines and the eye of Horus symbol. Which makes it more confusing in that apparently Eliphas (comfirmed in PCZone uk) is returning and he is a Dark Aspostle of the Word Bearer legion, so whats he doing with the black legion unless he now serves abaddon.

I do like the idea that you can corrupt the blood ravens through the campaign, i just hope relic keep that in like there were supposed to keep the morale choices in DOW2 which they didn't.

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Re: Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising
... Eliphas can't return. He was killed at the end of the assault on the Deimos Peninsula. The Blood Ravens cannonically won the Dark Crusade, and Eliphas was killed by an unnamed Demon Prince.

Toh! His entry on the Lexicanum.
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