Author Topic: Who. Made. Malware Shivans.  (Read 3023 times)

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Re: Who. Made. Malware Shivans.
This is dumb.

No you're confusing "dumb" and *removed*.

Plz to not be using terms like that.  Kthxbai. -- Mongoose
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Re: Who. Made. Malware Shivans.
Shameless gravedig time. Alex... me, Durandal, and Tycho are... all the same person. You fail.  :p


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Re: Who. Made. Malware Shivans.
well that was fun, lot of inspired people round here :nod:
el hombre vicio...


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Re: Who. Made. Malware Shivans.
It's a reference to the Vundo trojan which poses as an antivirus program while it rapes your computer.
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