Author Topic: The Plan (Spoilers) - From the Basestar thead  (Read 2022 times)

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The Plan (Spoilers) - From the Basestar thead
Seems to be that those BaseStars have got new rotating chunks, huh? ;)
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Re: 09-04-05 - Cylon Basestar
and heres me thinking no one on here actually watched it. 


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Re: 09-04-05 - Cylon Basestar
I watched it, but tried to forget I did soon after  :D
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Re: 09-04-05 - Cylon Basestar
I watched it, but tried to forget I did soon after  :D

I'd appreciate it if this wouldn't turn into a "the plan" discussion thread. Besides, some of us actually enjoyed it.
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Re: 09-04-05 - Cylon Basestar
It was great in the first 30 mins or so, and good for the rest of it. Just kind of a same i had re-watched the series recently so that it was too fresh in my mind.
Or something.
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Re: Re: 09-04-05 - Cylon Basestar
Some people really don't listen.
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