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oohhh purdy


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The Shivans are coming! The Shivans are coming!

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At first I thought it was firin' some lazors at that planet from its underside, but I can see the rings now. :p Cool design.


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Dang, that's a lot of compression artefacts.
Looks like some sort of shivan fighter?


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No, it looks bigger, a lot bigger.
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Shivan Transformer I dare say....
Assuming that's a full sized cap ship, that's scaary
'yo my domestic skillets, who put swarm torpedoes on the Tev bombers?'

Shivan Transformer I dare say....
Assuming that's a full sized cap ship, that's scaary

The Fallen it looks a bit like... either that or the Beast infected  squid LOL
That's cool and ....disturbing at the same time o_o  - Vasudan Admiral

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Definitely a fighter.
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I'd say, it is more a cruiser or a corvette. :nervous:

Looks great anyways. Never thought, that the Shivans would return in MT.:D
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This pic looks kinda old.
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Lol, a planet with two sets of rings---staple of cartoon sci-fi, but rather unrealistic.

The texturing of the ship is kind of crude :(

looks similar to the wing commander: prophecy aliens ships, Looks like a Manta fighter..... However i believe this ship is much bigger than i fighter
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