Author Topic: Power Supply for my '360  (Read 788 times)

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Power Supply for my '360
FInally got a 360 after seeing Forza3 but it didn't come with the power supply brick thing. It's an 06 Premium and I've seen different rated supplies (between 170 - 220 IIRC). Any idea which I'll need ?


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Re: Power Supply for my '360
Ummm did it not come in the box?

Also I think... but don't fully take my word on it... do some research... but I think that some 360s of the later editions did not need the power brick and all of that circuitry was moved inside the box. I'm not sure....
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Re: Power Supply for my '360
No. I figured I'd buy one cheap and get the stuff seperatly but it's a minefield and no shops seem to list power leads new. Should have just spent another £50 and bought brand new  :rolleyes: