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Re: RELEASE - Aftermath 2.0
Soooo.. now i finished the Campaign and must say: Very impressive Work !!!
If Mission 2 fixed then this C. will be perfect.

Mission 2 was the only one where i must cheat, all other Missions very enjoyable to play.

Greetings Peter


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Re: RELEASE - Aftermath 2.0
I want the name of the guy responsible for mission redesign!
I have good mood this evening,really great and i was thinking ; wow cold element universe campaign - great i never play this one yet. First mission ok, Second fine, Third WTFF!!!
i cheat in this one,Second of the II chapter [email protected]#%#@[email protected]#$%^@#$
So where i can send dead horse head? 
What if ?


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Re: RELEASE - Aftermath 2.0
It's only a game!  There's something wrong if a game ruins your whole day. 
Basic mission design is the same as the original.  None of the testers had any problem with the mission. 
Normal people believe that if it isn't broke, don't fix it. Engineers believe that if it isn't broke, it doesn't have enough features yet.
The difference between Mechanical Engineers and Civil Engineers is:
Mechanical Engineers build weapons.  Civil Engineers build targets
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Re: RELEASE - Aftermath 2.0
This sucks,when your mood depends, on game, or favorite tv show or pizza when somebody or some events make it bad and unenjoyable anymore.
There is not something wrong with me, but with that multitasking orders, or scan 1211231 cargo and in the meantime, you must disable wing of freighters and of course all wingmens are dead already.
What if ?

Re: RELEASE - Aftermath 2.0
Uhm, I've also been through Aftermath as well. First off, thumbs up :yes:. Great campaign, and I really liked that you revamped it!
Secondly, in the mission where you have to scan the cargo depot in search of those documents. In the beginning 4 Elysium class transports arrive, and you later find out the Orion destroyer (sorry, I can't remember the name of it) had to meet up with them. However, the HoL sometimes starts attacking them, and if they are destroyed the Orion destroyer will not leave and the mission will never end. Could you add a directive to protect those transports? It was pretty strange the first time through because I couldn't figure what went wrong.
Thirdly, in the same mission the HoL cruiser Machus(hope that's the name) arrives if I'm not mistaken. However in my playthrough it somehow merged with the Orion, incapable of moving or anything. When the Orion left, it dragged the Aten with it and the Machus went ballistic, which was really odd. I only noticed it once, so it may just be a 1 in a million problem, but I just give you a heads up.
That would be all, again great campaign and great work!


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Re: RELEASE - Aftermath 2.0
Sorry for posting this so long after the previous post, but I just wanted to praise this campaign!

Unfortunately, I started playing this before some exams, then finished it after. Therefore I have forgotten much about the campaign. However, I do remember that there were some interesting missions -- just can't remember which ones they were. Also, the story was quite engaging!

One criticism I had however was that I felt that E3M4 and E4M1 were very difficult. Especially E4M1: all my wingmen kept dying and so I had to deal with bombers on my own - which I couldn't do! By sheer luck did I manage to complete that mission. (My stubbornness meant that I wasn't going to lower the difficulty. I played it in Medium.)

Thanks mod conversion team, and of course the original mod creators!