Author Topic: Corrupt tables/data : WTF ?  (Read 1278 times)

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Corrupt tables/data : WTF ?
Well it's quite simple, that crappy game keep saying me i have corrupt tables/data
However, the game works fine (but that's annoying cuz stats don't get saved :p)

I checked everything (well everything i know about), meaning :
 - I have no .tbl files anywere (the data/ directory only contains vps)
 - I wasn't using MediaVPs
 - Recreating the pilot didn't work either
 - Clearing the cache didn't work
 - My FS2 Directory only contains binaries, the 2 mission pack .vp and bash script

I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 :s

Could anyone help me ?
Thanks in advance !

Edit: BTW, I don't have the tables/ directory :
Quote from: Some stupid computer
[email protected]:~/Jeux/FreeSpace/data$ ls
root_fs2.vp    sparky_fs2.vp     stu_fs2.vp     tango2_fs2.vp  warble_fs2.vp
smarty_fs2.vp  sparky_hi_fs2.vp  tango1_fs2.vp  tango3_fs2.vp
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Re: Corrupt tables/data : WTF ?
Your root_fs2.vp may not be the root_fs2.vp from version 1.20.

Download this:

Extract the root_fs2.vp from that pack, and replace the one in your FS2 folder with it.
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Re: Corrupt tables/data : WTF ?
This must be what was wrong, since the new file's size is 6.1 MB whereas the previous one was 5.3 MB
I'll tell you as soon as I can play some multi game o_o'