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2 New Standalone Missions
I've just uploaded 2 of my favorite self-made single missions for others to enjoy on the FreeSpace Files site under the new "Single Missions" folder. The missions are designed for use with FSO using the latest EXE (v19 or latest nightlies) and the latest MediaVPs (4.2.3). These missions will NOT work under Retail FS2 or under FSPort - and why would you want to do that anyway?

The 2 new missions are:

1) "Capella Containment": As Sathanas Juggernauts pour into the Capella system, a single Sathanas breaks away from the group and makes its way toward the Epsilon Pegasi jump node (and systems beyond). With all major battle groups already engaged, a small task force is hastily assembled to bring down the behemoth before it leaves the Capella system. Can you stop the Sathanas before it makes the jump? You have 10 minutes - make them count. (this mission would chronologically take place between the FS2 canon missions "Dunkerque" and "Their Finest Hour").

2) "Dragon Slayer": A lovingly crafted shoot-em-up with a purpose - to enhance your skills in primary weapons use by fighting Dragon fighters using only energy weapons. No missiles allowed. Set your initial skill level in-game and then hone your accuracy skills by quickly taking down the Shivan's smallest and most maneuverable fighters before they take you down. Post mission, check your hit percentages to see if you're improving over time. You may use any GTVA fighter and compatible energy weapon. Try different combinations to experience the strengths and weaknesses of various fighter/weapon selections.

Place the mission files in the following folder under your latest MediaVPs folder: \data\missions   (as an example, my full file path would be: C:\GAMES\FreespaceOpen\FS2\MVPS-4.X.X\data\missions)

Any mission files placed in the Missions folder appears in-game in the Tech Room under Single Missions.

Again, both missions must be played with the latest FSO EXE (v19 or later) and the latest MediaVPs for the best experience.

And big thanks once again to Hunter for accommodating those of us to love to play Freespace - but sometimes just one mission at a time.  ;)

Now let's see some of your favorite single mission creations. Upload them now!   :yes:
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