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Map of the FS2 Universe?
Is there a big honkin' map floating around anywhere on the site, laying out precisely what systems are connected to one another via jump nodes? It would be useful to know what systems are where when developing a post-capella campaign.

Also, is there any canonical information as to how heavily developed and colonized various star systems are at the end of the Capella Incursion?

Many thanks.
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Re: Map of the FS2 Universe?
That would be the official nodemap as of FS2, but there were additional systems and nodes in the FS1 map... some of which didn't even have names.
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Re: Map of the FS2 Universe?
One key thing to note with star maps is that there is conflicting canon with the node maps, for example FS1 shows 3 node paths into Sol but FS2 canon only mentions DS-Sol and the FS1 campaign lists node movements that are impossible on the FS2 map.
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Re: Map of the FS2 Universe?
That would be the official nodemap as of FS2, but there were additional systems and nodes in the FS1 map... some of which didn't even have names.

I really don't think that's the case. I designed my hi-res FS1 map after the FS1 retail anims, then I added the names first based on FS1 retail anims, then extrapolated based on location and node connections for the rest. It all lined up. Save the discrepancy with the Sol nodes and a few others with extra nodes.
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