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Does anyone else have a file called 'FS2NetGV.exe' in their /FreeSpace2/ directory? If so, can someone describe the function of said file?

I received a security warning concerning the presence of Win32/IRCbot in this file.


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The file IIRC is old Parallax Online lobby application. It is falsely recognized as IRCBot because it uses IRC protocol AFAIK. It can safely be ignored or deleted, it's useless today anyway.


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Hmmmm. Well that program is meant to be able to access IRC. Its purpose was to allow users to check if games were running on FS2NetD and to allow them to be able to talk in the lobby (which is basically an IRC channel) without needing to run the game.

Doesn't mean the program is safe of course but I've not heard of there being any issues due to it. Access to the source would be nice of course.

Here's the release thread though.
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I believe that was a game viewer written awhile back for FS2netD in 3.6.9.  No longer works as far as I know.  Never used it myself.  
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