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It's not too hard to make up a hypothetical war in the same time period.  Game designers these days...
Well, it's not WW2, but if you want a cool historical fiction game try looking at World In Conflict. It deals with the hypothetical world war three as a result of the cold war with Russia; still not very original, but the narrative is exceptionally good for a war game.
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Can you expand that acronym?

Steel Panthers: World at War.

Historical accuracy, mechanicized version of the slavishly accurate game rules people used to build tabletop around so it plays fairly quick, hexbased turn-based, and an utterly ludicrous number of scenarios historical and not-quite-historical plus the battlemaker so you can build your own. It's even free, but you'll have to buy it if you want the random campaign generator too.

The engine is getting old though, and weird bugs pop up. I, for example, can't use the artillery/airstrike interface whenever I forget how much of a problem that is for somebody who played SP3 and reinstall.
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Yeah, I actually looked up the acronym a little while after I fist posted the question - what I found interesting is that "Wild Bill Wilder" did several of the scenarios. This was particularly interesting as he did many of Combat Mission's scenarios as well.
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