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Pretty awesome multiplayer flash turn-based strategy I found. Choose from 4 different armies, earn money to buy more units for your army, etc. Reinforcement points available are determined at the beginning of each match, so you can only deploy as many units as the smallest player. Whenever it's your turn, you get an email. You have between 24 hours to a week, depending on how the host set it up, to play your turn. However, It also works fine if you all stay online the whole time taking your turn as soon as it comes up.

The one problem with it is it's very small at the moment. Only about 15 players online in the chat room at any time. But you can have more then one game going at once, and you can put in computer players, it sorta evens out.
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im in now just finished the training missions looks good so far
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I was wondering if that was you in the lobby
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Just FYI - They released an update about an hour ago. 3 new units/race and numerous balancing changes
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