Author Topic: Fighters from the show Caprica [WARNING: SPOILER ALERT]  (Read 16056 times)

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Re: Fighters from the show Caprica [WARNING: SPOILER ALERT]
WOW those look weird.... and is it just me or do those tail stabs look like those of a F18 hornet i think they took a bunch of planes and merged em in that Fugly flying thing lol

That's what I've been saying since the episode with the thing aired. Looks like an unfortunate mix of a hornet and a crusader. Both planes are cool enough but this hybrid is fugly.
Not to mention F18 dorsal spine, F15 airbrake and F4 canopy, intakes and upside-down, back-to-front wings.  It's lIke a 10 year old kit-bashing plastic model kits!  Please don't put it in the mod!

I doubt we would waste a resource on that clunker.  Something I would like to do is similar to what tanj is doing on SFM, which is make specialty variants on the MK Is.  For example with a few add ons and modifications a two seater MKI would make an excellent Wild Weasel platform.   
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