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One of the things the original X-Wing and TIE fighter did amazingly (which sadly was not included on the Windows remakes) was the dynamic iMuse music system, which dynamically syncronized midi music to fit the mood of the current action, instead of simply looping tracks.  It also transitioned between the different types of themes amazingly well.  If you could recreate that kind of feel in the game, honestly I wouldn't care too much if it's not the actual John Williams scores.

Well the FS2 music system does play combat music when in combat, ambient music otherwise, victory music when you complete objectives.


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Yeah, there's not too much more I could ask for in terms of what tracks get triggered when with the music system.  FRED controls for locking out normal or battle tracks might be a good addition if it isn't already available, but the main problem I have is that the system only allows for a track to be divided into equal portions, which is pretty much useless for any music with varying tempo or meter.  I also experience slight but noticeable pauses when a normal track loops or a battle tracks segue into each other.

Ideally, each file could have its "downbeats" or transition points assigned in the table in a way that would allow for this flexibility.  An adaptation of the current scheme where each track would be treated as a series of subtracks (each with its own segment length) could work really well, but even just being able to assign sample numbers for where you wanted a transition to be possible would be great.

I agree. JW's music has been overused by SW-games in the past. I think they should do it like X-Wing and TIE Fighter did: Combine elements of JW's tracks with original ones.
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Apparently, it's believed that FS1 had a better music playback system than FS2, and there's been talk of coding support for a more FS1-style music system.
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