Author Topic: A lol for the CS/CSS fans amongst us  (Read 978 times)

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A lol for the CS/CSS fans amongst us
here are some flash anims i just found on by VX, they are best played in the order below

DE_Dust2 the outtakes

be warned there is swearing, MS pail levels of gore and scenes of a violent nature in these clips.

sound on is a must to appreciate some of the jokes
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Re: A lol for the CS/CSS fans amongst us
Bah, I was expecting computer science/cascading style sheets humor.

By "DE_Dust" I couldn't bear to watch any more. :blah:


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Re: A lol for the CS/CSS fans amongst us
In case the song got stuck in your head
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Re: A lol for the CS/CSS fans amongst us
Most of these animations progressively got better as I went through watching them all, but a lot of the humour was stupid.

However, a lot of the CS tropes it referenced were sad but true, to say the least.  :rolleyes:
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Re: A lol for the CS/CSS fans amongst us
Maybe not CS-related, but this flash anim does a great job anyways.
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