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Re: BETA/RELEASE: Bringing the maximum out of the game
This link to Hell Gate is dead :
Does anybody have a copy of this mission somewhere?

Re: BETA/RELEASE: Bringing the maximum out of the game
Note, someone on the Youtube video for the second mission posted 9 hours ago that the download link provided in this thread is dead. Can anyone confirm or fix this?
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Re: BETA/RELEASE: Bringing the maximum out of the game
Confirmed, working on a new download link (and more). Periodically check thread for update on that.

EDIT: After checking out the mission again I feel it's not sufficiently representing both what the maximum that possible is, as well as not representing the gains i've made in FREDing since creating the benchmark-test mission. As such, I'm making a improved version of the mission that'll look a little better and play a little nicer. As Real Life Happens, it may take a bit, but will certainly update both here and on the Youtube video once I've completed it.

I apologize for the wait and hope you'll find the wait worth it.

- JC
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I'm all about getting the most out of games, so whenever I discover something very strange or push the limits, I upload them here:


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Re: BETA/RELEASE: Bringing the maximum out of the game
EDIT: June 13th, 2012: A small remake is in the works to make the Hell Gate mission more enjoyable and playable. It will be Blue Planet 2 dependent instead of BP1 but otherwise will not require anything else.

Heya everyone, i'm back to bring a second addition to the missions i've been making lately, trying to push the maximum out of the game and lightly scripting to let every time you play, yield other effects. Now also with download links, as these projects have been on the backburner for way too long. They are, sadly, not perfect. First of all, videos, one old, one new:

Freespace2 Battle For Vasuda BoE Style (Lighter version)

Download Links Temporarily Down

Battle of Vasuda is a experiment in both trying to make a huge battle, figuring out alternative ways to build up urgency, and how to succesfully create a battle with the least scripting possible. It also comes with some dialog and briefing as well. The file is a upgraded, lighter version of the one demonstrated in the Youtube video, as a result to try to lower the chance of the random crash that also is featured in the video.

Bringing the Maximum out of the Game/Hell Gate

Download Links Temporarily Down

Hell Gate pushes the limits further, by bringing everything in-the-face. A investigation into FRED2 with the file will show there's lots of movements scripted, but aside from that, also is 95% unscripted. No dialog or briefing is added. I noticed that attempting to add 1 more ship will crash FRED2, meaning, in this case, the maximum amount of ships are included.

Needless to say, you will need a very powerful PC to play these missions. For those with old PCs, open the file in FRED2 and check out from there.

Created with:

Processor: Intel E8400 at 3.00 GHZ
Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD4870x2 (HD4770 works smooth too, so the graphics reqs are not that extreme apparently)
Standard HDDs (500 GB, 7200 RPM)

Filming was done at 1024x768 due to nature of Fraps recordings; aside from that, most settings were on. I doubt it's playable at maximum resolution with current hardware, but feel free to try.

Both files are Blue Planet dependant. I haven't been able to test if the skybox is included with the main mission file, so make sure to yell (and explain) if it's not. Seems a lot of people wanted to check out the skybox for the Battle of Vasuda.

I've worked on a lot more missions on multiple machines (Of which two laptops and this main PC) but I don't know when they'd reach the sort of quality i'm looking for before releasing, even in Beta-ish stage.

These missions are allowed to be upgraded, added to, and released; Just make sure to credit me, as it goes.

Please tell me what you think; I'll be checking this thread!

- JC


Great job, but no download link ?


Re: BETA/RELEASE: Bringing the maximum out of the game
somebody have a copy of this files, the link is down