Author Topic: Antipodes 6(b r6559 & d r6576)(10/06/10)  (Read 7244 times)

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Re: Antipodes 6(b r6559 & d r6576)(10/06/10)
And with commit 6615, FRED no longer compiles on MSVC 2008. Are all those "#define new DEBUG_NEW" strictly necessary, or was it able to compile before then?

If they are necessary, we might want to make them a version specific item.
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Re: Antipodes 6(b r6559 & d r6576)(10/06/10)
It can compile with or without them, but having them can cause a mismatch between new/delete (i.e., one being MFC version, the other being ours) which can lead to crashes.  The choice is to either remove those lines or be forced to compile a special FRED version of code.lib for debug builds without the new/delete overrides.


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Re: Antipodes 6(b r6559 & d r6576)(10/06/10)
Antipodes 6 has been merged into trunk as of revision 6627. Further bug reports belong on Mantis, or the relevant threads in the nightly builds board.
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