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I've used Wireshark a few times in the past (mainly to get to the bottom of why servers weren't appearing on the list). It's a nice program. It may or may not be useful for this issue. As I said before, I want t complete my code review before I start looking into the problem or else I'd probably end up wasting everyone's time.
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Roger that.
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Stellar Assault has done a number of Multiplayer tests. The largest having 5 players simultaneously.

Setting the game up to have high update rate helped a little considering we are all on broadband. But for weapons in the game with "instant hit" status, such as the Particle Beam Weapon (PBW), the lag guaranteed a miss every time; while in single player it was a very formidable weapon, in Multi it was worthless.

I am merely posting here to counter the idea that "there isn't a problem". Because there is indeed a problem. A problem that needs to be addressed. I can't offer much to this thread beyond that. But the point Thaeris made is perfectly valid and should be strongly considered, the faster the game is, the better the netcode needs to be.
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Speaking of which, Kara, any luck so far?
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What does instant hit mean?
If those are in any way like the beam-ish weapons/beam weapons in TBP, then they aren't useless... just lead like any other primary to compensate for lag... ideally it would be better to see it hit and actually register, but right now we don't have this. I don't say there isn't a problem, just that it isn't much of a huge game stopping deal, imho...

Anyway, any improvement is welcomed, i guess, i hope kara or someone else come along that can do something about it, and i'm sure i would be glad to lend a hand when testing comes around since i can't do much more than that :b
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What he's talking about is a weapon like a railgun or single fire slug with a very high velocity so
it is an "instant hit."

That said, probably going to try and do some more tests soonish.
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It doesn't really matter that it's not a beam - effectively from a players POV, it's exactly the same.
Muras explanation still stands, same as several other experienced multi pilots, and most of the coders have tried to explain in this thread, including indepth links to other games with similar netcode.

I'm starting to feel like giving up, considering I've had these complaints off bad players for over a decade can anyone actually blame me for being annoyed earlier? -.-
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Thread locked. Keep the drama out, people.
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