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Re: RELEASE - Blue Planet: War in Heaven Part 1
Core updated

- Weapon loadout descriptions updated for UEF weapons
- Solaris turret angles fixed
- Scalpel shield damage increased
- Dirk tweaked to be more reliable at the expense of velocity and turning
- Cavalier damage increased, spin-up time increased
- Fixed vishnan beam sound when support ship finishes rearming
- Scripting updates for The Blade Itself, mission behavior now more reliable
- Key-presses in directives and training messages now display correct keys if they've been remapped by player
- Fixed The Cost of War checkpoint notification
- Delenda Est difficulty tweaked and fixed reported issues
- Deals in Shadows altered by addition of GEF gauntlet and traitor-branch if you shoot down the Elder's shuttle
- Spelling and grammar fixes in missions
- Lots of other small mission tweaks

Download link in the first post.
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Re: RELEASE - Blue Planet: War in Heaven Part 1
Everything updated

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some changes in this update depend on up-to-date BP: AoA installs. Please revisit the BP1 release thread, and redownload BP_Core and BP_Visuals1.


-Updated models for Karuna, Narayana, Solaris, Uriel, Izra'il, Vajradahara, Uhlan, Durga, Kentauroi, Upanishad, Florence
-Updated shaders for 3.6.14 NOTE: 3.6.12 executables are NO LONGER SUPPORTED
-New UEF Support ship by Axem
-Several table and mission tweaks
-Added Custos-class Cruiser
-Added Karuna Mk 2
-Added UEB Lapith
-Added Gaian Effort cruiser
-Added UEF Nav Buoy
-Switched all models to use glass-trans for compatibility with new transparency-handling code
-New music tracks by Belisarius

Known Issues

1) Some problems with misaligned Karuna LODs
2) Because the new menu font is larger than the old one, you may not be able to view the entire GTVA ship list in the F3 lab
3) Some of the new ships are missing trails.
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Re: RELEASE - Blue Planet: War in Heaven Part 1
Presenting Act 3

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your AoA installs are up to date. Alernatively, you can download the complete installation package to install everything you need to begin playing.

  • Continue the saga. Push yourself to the limits of necessity and morality to discover the truth.
  • Stealth. Assassination. Victory by any means. Enter a raging fleet battle. Prowl the storms of Jupiter. Approach the very brink of madness. Experience some of the most elaborate missions ever built.
  • Unleash new weapons and master the Ainsarii stealth strike fighter. Trade weapons for new equipment - self repair systems, additional ammo, or enhanced armor.
  • Fight alongside the elite of the elite. Work with wingmen who can interpret orders and understand what they're being told to attack.
  • Expanded soundtrack, including new remixes and original tracks by Belisarius.
  • Gorgeous new graphics, courtesy of the SCP: deferred lighting, team colors, and shadows.
  • Enhanced UEF ship models for better performance and cleaner looks.


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Re: RELEASE - Blue Planet: War in Heaven Acts 1-3 of 5
War in Heaven is now on the FSO Installer! See the first post for more details.

Some files have been updated to fix a few issues and the compatibility files have been integrated so no special BP builds are required. If you just wish to update your current install, you can use the FSO Installer as well to make sure you have all the necessary files. 3.7.2 RC3+ builds are recommended (also available on the FSO installer!)

Daredevils can still download and install the files manually if they wish.

(Instructions for enabling advanced lighting again will come a bit later!)