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Sorry if anyone needed me in the past couple of...days, right?  Well, anyways, I've got the majority of the pre-release concept sketches of a new FS ship nearing completion:  the GTFr Poseidon Mark II.  The best I can say is blend a Triton's docking arms with a Poseidon design style and slap nine turrets on the sucker...tough as a fenris...and now that I'm thinking about it, the turrets are in approximately the same configuration, too (except for the SGreen-weak in the nose...).  Docks by backing onto the docking port of the container (almost done with the concept sketches of it, too).  Small thrusters on the ends of the arms, two big engines on the side, goes I guess about 36 m/s.  I've had a little trouble getting the design to line up right (wanted the original Poseidon forward section on a Triton-ized Poseidon tail) but I think it's coming along nicely.  If I ever catch the AWACS I'll ICQ the pics over.


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Someone call?  

Welcome back dude, we've been growing since you left   If you'd like you can mail the concepts to  [email protected]  and I'll put them up. Nice work, dude!  
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