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It was more like "deactivated every graphic setting both with FSO falgs and in-game to free as many resources as possible, then spent one entire day wondering why afterburners and missiles had no trails playing to my heart's content since I got cockpits back", but thank you! :lol:

I uploaded the mod as it currently is on my computer:
Excuse the loose files, I have yet to research how to create a .vp file (and what the community guidelines are for publishing mods that depends on other mods and such).

Unfortunately I don't know what these other options are, but if they involve making the radar icons easily visible even if the MFD glows are on, I'm all ears! :)

VP editors can be found here:

However that shouldn't be necessary if you just want to show your files, which are easier to investigate if you don't VP them. Regarding releases, I don't know how Knossos handles that (which is most common for "proper" releases).

The easiest way to solve overlapping HUD/cockpit model parts would be to edit the glow map of the cockpit.

Edit how? Like, make them "black"? You see, some of them are overlapping as you said, others are "behind" the radar and make it unreadable.

And thanks for showing me that site! I was relying on The FreeSpace Oracle which doesn't have pcs2 and vpmage:

I can't check it out as I'm a couple thousand km from a FS install right now. Only alternative would be to edit the radar via HUD gauge table.


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