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Excellent! That did it for me, I have a functioning cockpit in FS1 now. One question though. From certain angles the light creates that unsightly triangle on my Apollo gunsights. Is that just an issue with the cockpit or do I have some mediavp messed up? It's not terrible or anything, it just detracts somewhat from my goal of playing Freespace in the absolute prettiest way possible  :)

That's a model thing. Can't fix it without going into the model itself and redoing the whole cockpit.

Yeah, that's a little annoying, but not as annoying as the superfluous gun site right below your real one. I hate that thing.

What I'm really hoping for in the future, should Diaspora get toggle-able cockpit .pof's, is that FSO will have cockpit files for all the FS fighters rather than the "show ship" command, which produces a bit of a sub-standard result for the cockpit environment.

A cockpit .pof would be more detailed, more efficient (hopefully), and even better, assumably useable. :)

The E:
Just saw this. I do sincerely hope that whoever reads this will immediately forget the part in the initial post that was quoted from voidskipper. Because it's completely wrong.


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