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Uhm, I have a question! The release thread says GTSD, but the table says GTVDn. Which one is believable?

I'm nothing to do with inf but I would say both can be applied, SD is a cannon designation from the Lucifer (SSD) but using dreadnought to designate a super destroyer/ship that exceeds destroyer scale also works, SD works better for one off ships in my opinion and Dn works better for a more mass produced class.  GTV says to me that the design is not specific to either species but to the GTVA as a whole so if you want to use it as an Orion replacement then you can go GTDn.  It's one of those what ever works for you moments.
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Uhm, I have a question! The release thread says GTSD, but the table says GTVDn. Which one is believable?
GTVDn was the original designation from the United Space campaign, so I changed it back when I updated the model for the missing textures.

headdie, thanks for the heads up, but I was just interested what name to add to the wiki :lol:
thanks woo, I'll leave it to SD


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As I understood the expanded FS naming scheme, a Dreadnaught is a ship of destroyer class or larger, which is primarily a gun-equipped ship, with either no fighterbay at all, or only a very small one that can carry the bare minimum of fightercraft, or perhaps just for carrying escape pod and shuttles.  Think of it more like a large corvette.
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Well, the way I see it, the Dreadnought is supposed to be stronger than a superdestroyer, but that's a matter of PoV.
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Actually I'm pretty sure the already-in FreeSpace counterpart of dreadnought is the superdestroyer class.

Though they usually feature something new, like the Lucifer with its shield system and beam cannons, also the Hades which is the only real terran-shivan hybrid, it uses Shivan technology (including weapons) on a Terran hull.
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None of this is canon, it's up for whomever wants to use it to decide.