Author Topic: Stop making offtopic posts.  (Read 1402 times)

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Stop making offtopic posts.
Hey! Don't delete my post! Spoon, he needs to be told! I really tried to help, and put a lot of thought into that, and he just threw it back in my ****ing face! Stuff like that is the reason no one helps anyone in this World!


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Re: Stop making offtopic posts.
I need to be told to piss off?

Whatever, man.  If you wanna do that so bad just pm me.
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21:20:19   SpardaSon21: "hey baby, want to get a good look at my AC/20?
21:20:26   Spoon: I'd hit it like the fist of steiner

Some people are like Slinkies.  They aren't really good or even useful for anything but they always manage to put a little smile on your face when you give them enough of a push down the stairs.


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Re: Stop making offtopic posts.
This is not a thread to tell people to piss off or to help people with other problems. I just split off unrelated off topic posts and deleted that last one because it was
1. A personal attack on someone
2. Posted just after the splitlock

Apparantly frequent friendly reminders to keep the thread ontopic are not helping. Thus, I need to moderate.  :blah:
Thank you for your understanding.

[02:42] <@Axem> spoon somethings wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> critically wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> im happy with these missions now
[02:44] <@Axem> well
[02:44] <@Axem> with 2 of them