Author Topic: OS X XCode project Issue (3.2.4)  (Read 1233 times)

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OS X XCode project Issue (3.2.4)
Hi everyone,

I'm working on Shadows of Lylat, until there artistically only, but from now on on code also.
I work on Mac so I'd like to develop things using XCode so I don't have to boot (or virtualize) Windows all the time...

Downloaded code from SVN and I have an issue when trying to build the project.

To stay short, in jpgutils.cpp, there are use of functions defined in the libjpeg library. The include line is there, the code too, but I got 10 errors pastebined below:

I followed the steps from the Mac Dev Guide, chief gave it a try and has no problem on his Mac, I admit I have no idea right now! :/
Any input/experience/fix?


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Re: OS X XCode project Issue (3.2.4)
libjpeg should be system library, you shouldn't have to build it.  Yes I know the source for it is the repo but that is there specifically for windows.

Can you link or paste bin the guide that you are following?

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Re: OS X XCode project Issue (3.2.4)
Nope, I'm pretty sure that OS X builds libjpeg during the build process.  I don't believe that libjpeg is either installed separately, included in Frameworks.tgz, or in the OS X SDK.

The following subprojects are compiled for each Mac build:


jpeg, lua, zlib, and png all come from the source inside the fs2_open repository.
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