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RELEASE: HTL Lucifer shield
The existing shielded-Lucifer model consists of a really inefficient shield mesh (lots and lots of coplanar polygons), which was made for the :v: Lucifer and then ported to VA's high-poly one. Needless to say, it doesn't fit. The protuberances are not covered, and the entire shield is basically too small to contain the hull. So (per request from Scroll) I made a new shield mesh. Download can be found here on FSMods.

For use: open your mod's Lucifer model in PCS2, go to "shield", press "load" in the top-right and select the DAE-file in the download. This will import the improved shield onto your model. Don't forget to save afterwards.

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Coolio! Dwnl'd!
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Thank you!!   :yes: :yes:

Out of curiosity.... has the deal with high poly shields been resolved? I recall long ago I kept getting CTDs cause of high poly shield meshes. I recall I once had a mesh that was.... 1000 polygons max? Maybe even far less as it wasn't that complicated of a mesh, but it crashed on me. I tried lower poly meshes and they worked fine, tried higher and it crashed some more. Granted this was.... 2-3 years ago.
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I have a 4000+ poly shield sphere, 10-km in diameter.
Works fine.

Limit used to be some tiny amount (less than 1000), but that's ancient history.

Makes sense. I'll keep that in mind then.
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