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Confirmed, Icewind Dale II with its Adventure Pack is now available on GOG. It's almost guaranteed their last title will be Baldur's Gate II.
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Never played IW2. Worth it?


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Never played IW2. Worth it?

I didn't get very far, but the fact that you invent your entire party and that the story seemed...more minimal than BG2 turned me off pretty fast.

But, hey, Infinity Engine.


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You don't play the Icewind Dale games for their stories. You play them for their tactical combat.

Which is grand. Oh, and brutally difficult for newcomers. AD&D's 2e was hilarious at level one. Oh, you got hit. You have four hit points. Well, you had four hitpoints, now you have none. Guess you're dead. Mind, it didn't help that back when I played them for the first time I looked at every single crowd control/summon spell in the game, decided they were boring and that what I really needed was more damage. Dispel magic? Psh. That's for sissies. Colorspray, you say? But I could fire a single magic missile, and that would do so much more damge!

Yeah, uh, it's possible my play was suboptimal.
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IW2 is more for a player who wants to have a much greater deal of control over what they want their characters to be and do.  The combat was superb, if difficult to master.   Enemies are widely varied, and there's a full range of spells and combat abilities to be used.  Bonus for newbs: you can ressurect party members whenever you want and you have 200 gold or so.