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Spoon - I stand in awe by your flawless fredding. Truely, never before have I witnessed such magnificant display of beamz.
Axem -  I don't know what I'll do with my life now. Maybe I'll become a Nun, or take up Macrame. But where ever I go... I will remember you!
Axem - Sorry to post again when I said I was leaving for good, but something was nagging me. I don't want to say it in a way that shames the campaign but I think we can all agree it is actually.. incomplete. It is missing... Voice Acting.
Quanto - I for one would love to lend my beautiful singing voice into this wholesome project.
Nuclear1 - I want a duet.
AndrewofDoom - Make it a trio!


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* Dekker downloads.

More QTE plox\?/


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Nordera Rocket:
It is a rocket. It does a Zoom and then Boom. Point it at the enemy!

Nordera Mini:
One of those nu- nukl- Erh. Nukelar things.


Does the
Hertak 'can't let you do that, Nordera' code
work on every Nordera ship they will ever make or just current designs?
And was it build only into the ships of that clan or all Nordera ships?

It is installed on a few select clans that are deemed by the Hertak to be too unpredictable, aggressive or just too stupid.
It is likely that after this event most Nordera clans will be double checking their own ships though.
Spoiler: if we played as unpredictable/aggressive/stupid Norderans, what does that make regular Norderans like? lol.
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21:20:19   SpardaSon21: "hey baby, want to get a good look at my AC/20?
21:20:26   Spoon: I'd hit it like the fist of steiner

Some people are like Slinkies.  They aren't really good or even useful for anything but they always manage to put a little smile on your face when you give them enough of a push down the stairs.


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Predictable, smarter, less suicidal, very loyal to the Hertak or any combination of those....


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Did you rebalance the Nordera, Spoon?
I'm playing my third mission in my demo campaign through A Nordera Day. Before, on release of version 1.01 of Alpha Draconis, Mission 3 is a fairly gentle mission that several people complained was too easy. When I tested that and released it, it was through WoD, not AND. Did you make the Nordera stronger? Me and my wingmen are getting slaughtered! I can't even get past the first wave!

EDIT: It's still a slaughterhouse even on WoD. Something's very wrong here...
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Finished it. Short but fun.


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Is it possible to re-upload this campaign?


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[02:42] <@Axem> spoon somethings wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> critically wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> im happy with these missions now
[02:44] <@Axem> well
[02:44] <@Axem> with 2 of them


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 :D :D :D

Thank you!! I've decided to play through the original campaign for the first time, consume as much WoD as possible  :lol: