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LORE - Veslans: A Race of Empire Builders
Note: All dates are based on the Terran Calender

Veslans are an Amphibian/Reptilian hybrid species, evolved from the first generation of life to arise on their homeworld; Vesla. A large rocky world in close orbit around a red dwarf star, Vesla is a currently in a state of "Toxic Jungle" in Earthling geological terms. The atmosphere is very Hot, very Humid, and very Dense. It's also toxic to human lungs. There are no massive oceans like on earth, only large lakes or marshlands. Veslans never developed a "Naval Culture" like humans have, but in terms of technological development discovered the secrets to powered flight very early, a good 50 years before their own industrial revolution. For Veslans the benefits of air travel meant that they could finally traverse the large expanses of their world without having to trek around the impassable marshlands, or the large lakes. The Veslan "Steam Age" would last a good 120 years before the invention of electrical generation and the internal combustion engine. During this time, a number of Nation-States would wage war with one another for access to their world's limited resources and arable land.

The invention of mechanized agriculture and bio-chemistry would result in a massive population explosion, and even deadlier wars. With an increase in the population and increases in Veslan armies and Air-Forces; massive fleets of Zeppelins would roam across the planet's atmosphere, bombing their rivals to submission. The discovery of atomic structure and resultant Nuclear Manipulation Technology meant that the first nation-state to produce atomic weapons would have undisputed dominance over the planet. The First Veslan Nuclear war was also the last, stopping just short of Nuclear winter in 2341. The war also ended the age of Nation-States on the World of Vesla, with one finally succeeding in Conquering the whole of the planet.

Despite their experience with powered flight, the gravity and dense atmosphere of Vesla would mean that space travel was still a challenge to be met. Massive Fusion powered Rockets would be required for the Veslans to finally escape the prison their atmosphere in the year 2505.

The Veslan "Space Program" was largely a military venture, at first resulting in a long line of highly advanced and powerful Sub-Orbital Scram Jets which would serve in the Veslan Military right up until their encounter with Humanity. A large number of Satelites and Space Stations followed, giving Veslans valuable experience with long term space habitation. The lack of Colonizable worlds in their own Star System would result in a major cultural difference between Veslans and Terrans in terms of their priorities in Space Exploration and Expansion. While Terrans had two worlds in their own backyard that they could Terraform, the concept of changing a planet's environment to fits one's own needs never crossed Veslan minds; as a result, Veslans only Colonize worlds that meet a 25% Variance of their Homeworld. Research and development was focused entirely on Faster Than Light travel and the first functional Veslan Warp Drive was completed and Tested only 80 years after their species entered space. The result was a massive buildup of the Veslan Military-Industrial mechanism; Warp Capable Warships and Colony Ships were sent out to nearly every nearby Star System, and the first permanent Veslan Colony was founded 6 light-years from their Homeworld in the year 2597.

Over the next 600 years, the Veslan Colonial Program would result in 21 Colonized Worlds, 17 Owned Star Systems, and 3 Conquered Races.

Veslans made first contact with their first Sentient Species 12 light-years from Vesla in the year 2771, on a world like many of the others they had previously colonized. The people there were still technically in the middle of their Bronze-age when the Veslans Landed Colony Ships and Military Drop-pods. Subjugation was easy as the native population revered the Veslans as Gods, and the Veslan Government decided that it was Beneficial to maintain that relationship. From Subjugation, Exploitation came easily and naturally. As it stands now, the Teldor People still do not understand the nature of their situation and nor do they care to.

The Second Conquest of a Habitated world took place only 50 years later. On a world 18 light-years from Vesla, a race of hardy Paleolithic reptiles were discovered. Still in their early stage of development, the Veslans immediately took full control of their evolutionary path to benefit their own needs. Unlike the Teldors, the Yeh-Kri peoples are brought with the Veslans into space as servants for the officers and as "laundries" for the enlisted crew. Again, like the Teldor, the Yeh-Kri are kept ignorant of their place in the universe.

The most recent conquest took place in the year 3194, only 19 years prior to their encounter with the Terrans. A Veslan Colonial Fleet reached the world Halxemn, expecting another uninhabited world only to discover a race in the midst of its very own industrial revolution. Electric lighting, a steam powered transportation infrastructure and over 9 billion inhabitants. Halxemni powered flight was limited to Zeppelins only at that point, but the Veslans knew they were likely on the verge of having fixed wing aircraft. A month later, War was Declared on the Halxemni without actually telling them. Opening up with a nearly endless orbital bombardment using energy beams. Delmmer Frigates, Balsark Destroyers, and Carvelus Battlecruisers bombarded most of the major Halxemni population centers in the opening minutes of the war. The next phase began with Medelus Class Cruisers performing a low "skimming" of the atmosphere as they dropped off Veslan Infantry Landing Craft, and Scram-Jet Fighters. The Halxemni were dismayed and shocked by the brutal efficiency with which the Veslans waged war, most remaining Halxemni Nation-states surrendered immediately after the first Veslan Ground troops landed. The latest in Halxemni Bolt-action Rifles stood no chance against the rapid-fire energy weapons that the Veslan Infantry Possessed.

While the War itself ended quickly, the Veslan Occupational Government still struggles with endless civil strife, street protests, and in some locations, open rebellion.

And that Concludes my brief summary of Veslan Colonial History
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