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setting up voice commands for squads
Ok I have been using windows 7's voice recognition and macro utility and I have a lot of functions working however I can't figure out how to get squad commands. There aren't any keybindings for squad commands from what I can see in the control options.

Also I understand that I can enable voice commands in the FS2 open launcher but that doesn't work for me.


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Re: setting up voice commands for squads
The problem with macroing it in would be that the Comms menu relies on numbers - it doesn't actually recognize wing names as such, so a standardized system wouldn't work mission to mission, particularly in missions that use non standard (i.e. greek) wing names.

You might be able to et it to work by binding "See" to C, and the various numbers "One" to 1, "Two" to 2, etc. etc. That way you could say "See Three Five" and get the effect... but it is quite hackish.
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Re: setting up voice commands for squads
Is it possible to bind a voice command to a macro that does a series of key presses? For example: "All craft, engage" to c-3-9 in sequence with a .1 sec delay? Or can you only map a command to to a single key/key combination?

Re: setting up voice commands for squads
I have been trying and while I can make the macro press c218 for alpha squad cover me, and it presses all 4 in notepad, in game it will only open the comm. I ended up mapping the comm to the A button on my 360 pad (I use xpadder instead of the games built in bindings) and now I will just say squad, Alpha, cover me. you can map more then 1 command to a button so you can say Squad, Alpha, fire at will which is 2 1 1 which means you could also say squad fire at will alpha and it would do the same thing XD